Experience Points (XP)

Every time you daub a bingo number called or spin/deal/draw in a mini game you will receive XP points. You need XP points to level up.


You need clocks to level up in the game (like XP points). You get clocks by daubing the current bingo number called before the next number is called.


Credits are used to buy bingo cards and play the mini games (slots, arcade, keno and video poker).


Coins are used to buy items from the store. You can win them playing bingo or exchange your credits for coins.

Weekly hearts

Send items and invite all your friends to play BamBam Bingo to collect weekly hearts. Weekly hearts will increase your FREE credits reload every 10 hours. Once the week is over (Monday to Sunday) the weekly hearts will re-set to 0 every Monday at 3am ET.

Crowns & Levels

Collect XP & Clocks to increase your level and unlock new games!

The higher the level the bigger filled with precious stones and moulded in Silver, Gold or Crystal.

Regular Gift

Gifts may come as a surprise or can be bought in the store but always be sure the regular gift will contain a variety of your most wanted items (Credits, Coins, Keys or Collectibles).


Want to increase your FREE Credits reload?

Complete your collections by winning items in the bingo games, buying them in the store and trading with friends.

Golden Gift

Bingo on the ball shown in the Golden Gift section and you will win a Golden gift! Similar to regular gifts, Golden Gifts contain BIGGER rewards. You can also buy them in the store.

Buy Cards

To buy cards mouse over the bingo cards and click on the number of cards you want to buy

New Cards

To get new cards click on the new cards button located in the middle of the 4 bingo cards.

Balls Called

Current ball called.

Next ball to be called.

Previous 3 balls called

10 balls have been called so far in the game.

Store Notices

When your friends send you collectibles, Credits, Coins, Gifts or Power Keys you will receive a notification above the Store tab in the game. Example 17 notices.

Double XP Key

The Double XP key will double all your xp points during the time the key is active. This will help your level up quicker and unlock new games.

Friends can send you Double XP keys or they can be bought in the store using coins.

Unlock Key

Want to try a game that is currently locked for you? The unlock power key will unlock any game that is currently locked for you.

Get your friends to send you one or buy one in the store.

Refresh Notices

Refresh your notices without leaving the game. Mouseover the 17 notices and click to refresh.

Progressive Jackpot

Every bingo pattern has a progressive jackpot call number. If you hit bingo on that call number or sooner you will win the regular prize PLUS the Progressive Jackpot!

Once the Progressive is won it will re-set and increase until it is won again.

Bingo & Casino Tournaments

Everyone is automatically entered in the daily 24 Bingo & Casino tournaments. Your top 5 largest wins during the 24 hour period go towards making up your POINTS total for the day. You can see the DETAILS of your wins as shown in the chart above. As you continue playing in the day and get a higher score it will automatically update every 15 minutes so you know exactly where you RANK for the day. The top 100 ranking players in 24 hours will win Credits which can be collected the nest day when you log in.

Team Play

Team play is avaible if you mouse over the fourth bingo card and purchase Team Play cards.

Everyone who buys Team Play cards in a game are put into a team for that game.

If you bingo with Team Play cards you will receive double the winnings and the other team players will get a consolation prize. All players in Team PLay will get double XP and double the clocks for their daubs throughout the game.

1 To Go Win

Didn't quite hit Bingo? Did you need only 1 number to hit Bingo? Don't worry BamBam Bingo gives all players with 1 To Go a consolation prize!

In a multi-part game, the 1 To Go prize is avaible on the last part of the game.

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